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Citizens for a Better Eureka Files Injunctions

"The several pending lawsuits and the qualified Housing for All and Downtown Vitality [ballot] Initiative should signal to the Respondents [City of Eureka] that they should pause, reconsider their parking lot redevelopment plan, and allow the City voters to provide guidance on this issue. Instead Respondents appear determined to disregard the City voters and proceed with their plan, including redevelopment of the Parking Lot[s] at issue in this Action."

23-12-22 PI Mtn [Filed]
Download PDF • 6.54MB

24-01-08 PI Mtn-MPA [executed]
Download PDF • 8.26MB

24-01-09 PI Mtn-MPA (Executed)
Download PDF • 10.73MB

24-01-09 PI Mtn-MPA (executed) 2
Download PDF • 10.49MB

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