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Citizens for a Better Eureka to Continue with Lawsuits but Drop Current Injunctions

EUREKA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2024 - Citizens for a Better Eureka announced today they will continue with its lawsuits against the City regarding the development of downtown but will withdraw the current motions for injunctions against the City.


The CEQA lawsuits were pursued because the members didn’t believe the city had fully considered the impacts its plan would have on the economic vitality of downtown. Although members understood the likelihood of obtaining injunctions was low, they decided to pursue them to secure more certainty that the City could not move forward with its plan. At the same time, the CEQA lawsuits were still undecided.


“There’s an initiative qualified for the November ballot, and there is currently very little funding for the downtown developments, so it is better not to waste the court’s time with these injunctions,” Michelle Costantine, a CBE member, said.


After re-evaluating the injunctions in light of receiving additional information about the City’s plans, the members did not feel it was necessary to continue with the current injunctions and elected to withdraw them for the present time.


Citizens for a Better Eureka remains deeply interested in creating housing for City residents at all income levels and the economic vitality of downtown. The members are focused on addressing the misinformation that continues to permeate regarding their intentions with the initiative and the lawsuits.


The Citizens for a Better Eureka is a nonprofit organization of more than 60 Eureka downtown business owners and concerned citizens advocating for smart downtown planning and a vibrant local economy.


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Contact:           Gail Rymer



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